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How to get the most out of your wardrobe

The secret of a stylish outfit isn't an endlessly stocked wardrobe — it's knowing the right ways to wear it. There are a few fashion hacks the fashionistas use on the regular to reinvent the way they wear the same old thing. And they make their favorite pieces work year-round, casual pieces get up styled and event wear gets styled down to suit the occasion. Here are my top tips to creating outfits like "It Girls" at Fashion Week, your favorite bloggers, and that friend with enviable style. 

1. Give your jeans a rest

Jeans are carrying the majority of the workload for our closets, so its no surprise our other clothes don't get enough time in the limelight. Try giving your jeans a break, reach for a pair of slacks, culottes, a skirt, or a dress that hasn't gotten nearly enough wear yet, anything else! Keepsake The Label

Outfit: Keepsake the Label - coming soon!

 2. Upstyle

This ones easy, to create an effortless & quick look mix your favorite wardrobe staples with a pair of heels, statement earrings, a head scarf or a chic bag. One statement piece can change your whole look.



3. Wear one colour head to toe

Make a subtle but ultra cool statement by wearing multiple pieces in varying shades of the same hue or bonus points for matching sets with extra tonal layering.


Outfit: C/MEO COLLECTIVE - Coming soon

4. Know your Investment pieces

Take it from the parisian women, they are renown for style; Their style is classic and timeless, they pay attention to good fits and fabrics and invest in pieces that last. A good wardrobe has a few key pieces, a good quality tailored blazer, a lux wool coat, a leather skirt, a textured statement dress... whatever is your style you get the picture. Use your investment pieces regularly changing them up by mixing with on trend pieces to style up or down to suit the occasion.

FWRD The Label

Outfit: FWRD THE LABEL - Available now

5. Current Trend - Cool Tee's

Let an ultra cool tee make your outfit. Add to jeans for a casual vibe, pull on over a fav dress and knot it at the waist or tuck one into your favorite skirt for a cool twist.

C/MEO Collective

Outfit: C/MEO COLLECTIVE - Coming soon

6. Style It With Sneakers

Ok I've ranted about this one, but can we just celebrate our love of sneakers and the fact that we can now use them to get another wear out of those beautiful dresses that really deserve it and look ultra cool while doing so?

Keepsake The Label One Love

Outfit: Keepsake The Label dress & Amber Sceats Earrings - Available now

7. Celebrate your Accessories

Chuck on a any old tee and add some statement earrings, your outfit looks immediately better, slip on a fav dress and add some layering necklaces and again it looks better. Really simple, if your time poor throw on a few extra accessories with anything and you'll look cool.


Outfit: Amber Sceats Earrings - Available now

8. Get more bang for your buck out of that only worn once dress you love

Why do we save our fancy stuff for a special occasion? Make it work for regular day by styling it with sneakers, wearing it over  casual tee, layering up with an oversize sweater the outfit possibilities are endless when you start to think of your dresses as staples.


Outfit: C/MEO COLLECTIVE dress, Earrings AMBER SCEATS - Available now

9. Upgrade Your Sweatshirt

Sometimes all you want to do is stay cozied up in your favorite hoodie. Create a work-appropriate, brunch appropriate etc look by choosing a quality obvious fabric or layering a button-down shirt underneath. Easily upstyle a hoodie by adding a sleek blazer, or coat over the top and you're good to go.


Outfit: FWRD The Label, BINX elevated hoodie - Available now

10. Get out your overalls 

 Stop thinking about it and wear yours already. Overalls really do look good on every body type and they are super cute.

Nude Lucy the label

Outfit: Nude Lucy The label - Available now 

11. Wear your textured pieces

Make a statement with texture. Embroidered fabrics, furry things, thick patterned knits, the best bit is texture catches the eye taking away attention to any unwanted lumps and bumps making for a super flattering style or the perfect "eating outfit". 


Outfit: C/MEO COLLECTIVE - Available now

12. Crop tops are versatile

If you never buy them, your missing out on a whole realm of outfits. Easily style it if you want more coverage with super high-waist pants this will create a flattering waist line. It also allow's you to show off just a little skin without having to worry about being cold or showing too much. You can also add a crop top over a tee for a totally covered twist or my personal fav, pop them under overalls and pinafores for a non bulky bunched up, no front stomach only a slither of skin look.


Outfit: NUDE LUCY THE LABEL linen blend pinafore dress & C/MEO COLLECTIVE Accolade crop - Available now

13. Say Yes to Prints

Say yes to prints — in fact, the more the merrier. Layer on contrasting prints in similar colors, or play up patterns in brighter shades to make a serious impact.

Keepsake The Label

Outfit: Keepsake The Label - Available now. Photo cred: Maddie Cowe  

 That's it, my top tips to easily look put together and chic. X

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