Everyday elevated staples in both mummy and mini sizes. Printed in South Australia.

Introducing our Australian Fashion Labels, Keepsake The Label & C/MEO Collective

We love Australian Fashion Labels brands Keepsake The Label and C/Meo Collective. Heres why. They are the most exciting Australian fashion brands, their iconic fashion house has been consistently producing affordable luxury apparel that you can always turn to in that last minute outfit crisis.

C/MEO which was founded in 2010 which has been worn and loved by celebrities all over the world including Gigi Hadid & Kourtney Kardashian. 

C/MEO Collective 

A C/MEO woman interprets the garments in her own way,

Which is an empowering motive for the design team to consistently strive for new heights.

 She is culturally engaged and ahead of the pack. She is a risk taker but not reckless when it comes to fashion.

Empowered by her choices, she is a leader and a source of inspiration for her friends.

 Her style is authentic and always true to her tastes;

she knows what she likes, what she wants and how to make it her own.

She appreciates quality and design, with a forward focus but respect for the past.

Keepsake the Label -Adored by bloggers, creatives and artists the world-over; Keepsakes high- end appeal has found a following amongst celebrities and style icons including Reese Witherspoon, Kendall Jenner and Kristin Cavallari.

The Keepsake girl

 Surrounding herself with beautiful things, she takes time getting ready for her next event.

 She is forever on the go.

 Effortless; in the moment but never flustered.

 Romantic at heart, she remains a strong female.

 Unafraid to stand out;

she is elegant but never ostentatious.

Each brand has its own signature style which can be effortlessly mixed with your wardrobe to create you x


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